Mastodon apps : Ice Cubes vs Ivory

I’m an Ivory user almost from the beginning.

I also was a Tweetbot user, so transitioning to Ivory was a very natural process for me

Then I heard about Ice Cubes - the new kid on the block, open-source, free, and a fantastic app. However, it didn't quite click for me back then…

Now, the progress made on the Ice Cubes app are amazing. The features added by @dimillian@mastodon.social are excellent, and the app keeps evolving. Much faster than Ivory, to be honest.

I gave it another try recently, especially since they added timeline sync (which is something I love about Ivory).

The iOS app is great: look & feel, configurations, everything. I could almost use it instead of Ivory right away (although there are still some "UI stuff" that Ivory handles brilliantly).

But the Mac app… There’s a different story.

I’m so, so used with Ivory’s multi-columns view, that Ice Cube’s two columns view is a real deal-breaker for me. I tried it, but having only two "active views" is a bit disturbing for now. Maybe I’ll get used with it if I use it more…

I’ll have to try, though, because I love this app and the way it’s constantly constantly. I appreciate the passion the developer (and the other contributors) put in it.

However Ivory still holds a special place in my heart… at least for now 😜

Anyway, for the next few days I’ll try switching completely to Ice Cubes and see if it can become my main Mastodon client.

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