Be kind

During my first two days back at the office, I was in a less than positive mood, which unfortunately still persists.

However, I realized that a couple of my colleagues may have mistakenly believed that my negative emotions were directed towards them. In reality, this was not the case.

To fix this misunderstanding, I took the time yesterday to individually reach out to each of them and clarify that while I may be experiencing anger, it is not directed towards them personally or due to their actions. Rather, my frustration is towards the company, its work practices, and its approach to rewarding employee loyalty.

Talking to them did not took me a lot of time, but it did serve to bridge the gap between myself and my coworkers. They now comprehend my perspective and, most importantly, understand that my discontent is aimed at the management, not them or any other team member.

By approaching this situation with kindness, the atmosphere in my work environment has become less burdensome. Moreover, the relationship between myself and my colleagues has improved.

I believe there is a valuable lesson to be learned here: not only should we be kind to ourselves, but it is equally important to extend kindness towards others as well.

Be kind!

A cute image of a puppy holding a sign. On the sign is written in uppercase: BE KIND

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