"Time's Up Kids" aka The Joy of Laughter

Santa Claus brought the game "Time's Up Kids" to podiGirl. So, these last few days, we’ve been playing it and we love it.

"Time's Up Kids" is a delightful game that brings families together for some wholesome fun. Honestly, I highly recommend it 😃

The Basics of "Time's Up Kids"

"Time's Up Kids" is an adaptation of the popular party game "Time's Up!" but designed specifically for younger players. The game revolves around guessing words within a limited time. The version we got has images instead of words, as podiGirl has not yet learned to read.

In the first round, players can use any words to describe the image on the card, while in the second round, no words are allowed, only gestures and charades. Normally only adults should describe the words, but podiGirl loves to do this so we’re doing one card at a time.

Honestly, I find "Time's Up Kids" to be a great game because it encourages children to unleash their creativity as they act, describe, and guess with enthusiasm.

So, if you’re searching for a nice family game, search no more. "Time's Up Kids" it’s an excellent choice 👍

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