podiGirl won't sleep in her room

Nearly two weeks ago, podiGirl underwent surgery.

After the surgery, she slept with podiMom or me in the first few days to ensure that everything was okay and that there were no issues during the night. About a week later, she was a little sick, so she continued sleeping in our bed.

However, now she absolutely refuses to sleep in her own room. The room where she has been sleeping for several months (except for when she's sick or has nightmares).

Initially, she said she was afraid of burglars.

So, I explained to her that burglars do exist, but they come when no one is home. That she is safe here, that no one can enter the house, and that her room is the safest place in the world.

But it was in vain...

Moreover, tonight I managed to convince her to sleep in her room (although she told me dozens of times that she wants to sleep with me), but once bedtime came, she just wouldn't close her eyes. She was paying attention to every move I made to see if I wanted to leave her room.

In the end, I gave in.

Now she's on the couch, sleeping... Because she knows I will come next to her.

This is not okay, but honestly, I'm out of ideas. We don't know what to do to get her back into her room...

Boo from Monsters Inc.

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